ACM: Association for Computing Machinery
AMS: American Mathematical Society
ISCB: The International Society for Computational Biology
SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Conference Calendars   (See also BioGeometry Meetings Calendar)
ACM Calendar of Events
Eurographics: Helwig's Conference Calendar
Erik Demaine's List of Events
SIAM Conference Calendar
SIGGRAPH Calendar of Computer Graphics Events

Funding Agencies
NSF: National Science Foundation

NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information
NSF: National Science Foundation

ACM Portal - The ACM Digital Library
CiteSeer - NEC Research Institute's Scientific Literature Digital Library
DBLP - Computer science bibliography, Universität Trier, indexes articles and contains links to home pages of computer scientists
Google Scholar - Search for scholarly literature
MathSciNet - Mathematical reviews, sponsored by American Mathematical Society
PubMed - Medline biomedical citations
Zentralblatt MATH - Database of math articles, sponsored by European Mathematical Society

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